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Corporate Introduction

Creating Colorful, Artistic Spaces

We create colorful art spaces in fine art museums, museums, and galleries. We specialize in this field where high technology and reliability meet in the exhibition of fine arts. We create well-balanced products, which are functional, safe, and have characteristic artistic designs, in order to craft a more beautiful and comfortable space.

Our Products are Used by Art Museums and Public Facilities In and Outside Japan

We sell fine-arts-related special fixtures, interior decorations, and construction hardware, including the hanging system called the Koreder Line, which is used at exhibition institutions all over the world. We are proud of our results, which are displayed in various public and commercial facilities, as well as art museums and museums, all over Japan.

Reliable Products

We supply reliable products, which have thirteen overseas patents in the United States, Germany, France, Canada, six domestic patents because of their new design, and fifty-five registrations. We would like to meet the various needs of our clients by steadily developing new products continually. These products are based on the skills we've acquired since our foundation.