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KorederLine Items

A Koreder Line Picture Hanging System includes:

By using Hangers you can easily move or change the heights of wall displays without damaging the wall. They are ideal for uses in museums, galleries, public facilities, offices, shops, and homes.

(6 patents, 9 utility models and 41 designs registered at Japan Patent Office.)

Functions and Features

Picture Rail

Picture RailYou may choose a Picture Rail from two types: built-in, which is installed in ceilings and walls while building, or add-on, which can be installed in an existing space. There are a wide variety of Picture Rails available depending on the display items' weight and installation restrictions.

The list of the picture rail is here.


HookYou can choose from Fixed Hooks, Adjustable Hooks, and Runner Hooks, with either a closed or open hook. A variety of hooks are available for each Picture Rail type. (If you want to use Runner Hooks, then you need to attach a runner rail to the end of the Picture Rail. The Runner Rail has a square hole, which allows you to insert Runner hooks after installation. Fixed Hooks and Adjustable Hooks are removable after installation is complete.)

The list of the hook is here.

Hanger Set

Hanger SetHanger sets are available for exhibits with heavy or lightweight items. They include the cable and hanger, which the picture is hung from. The height of exhibits can be easily adjusted with these Hanger sets.

The list of the Hanger Set is here.

Attached Parts

A variety of attachment parts are available for the installation of Picture Rails, such as Stops (end caps for the rails), Brackets, Joints, and Bolts.

The list of the Attached Parts is here.

How to Select Korederline Products

First, you need a Picture Rail.

After weighing the article you wish to hang, select a heavy, medium, or lightweight rail. Then, either choose the built-in type that is installed while building or add-on type that can be installed on existing walls or ceilings. After that, choose which Attachment Parts you will need for installation, such as brackets and stops.

Next, you need Hooks.

After selecting the Picture Rail, choose which type of Hooks or combination of Hooks (Fixed, Adjustable, or Runner, which are either closed or open) you want and select one with the corresponding weight to hang from the rail.

Then, you need a Hanger set.

Select a Hanger set suitable for your Picture Rail and Hooks. There are seven types: Mini Hanger Sets, M Hanger Sets, N Hanger Sets, Safe Mini Hanger Sets, Safe M Hanger Sets, Safe N Hanger Sets, P2 Hanger Sets. Finally, you may decide on any accessories you may want, such as colored wires or safety stoppers.