1923 Started up in Kajiya-cho, Minami-ku, Osaka.
1947 Started manufacturing and selling "Non-slip" products.
1949 Started manufacturing and selling "curtain rails".
1950 Became a Ltd. Company. Started setting up agents in Japan.
1964 The main office was moved to its current address.
1980 Developed and started selling "Koreder Line" Picture Hanging System.
The "Koreder Line" is delivered to National Seiyo Museum.
1989 Developed and sold "Super-cloth Meshes".
1990 "Koreder Line" is delivered to the Royal Museum of Belgium and National Art of Korea Hall of Fame Museum.
System ceilings are delivered to Tokyo Government Office.
1990 Started sales of "For Art" series (products for display).
Opened the Brussels Office.
1990 Started sales of "SINTESI" designed by Mr. Michele De Lucchui.
1993 Opened Seoul Office. (Show Room) "Koreder Line" is delivered to Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.
1993 "Koreder Line" is delivered to the National Museum of Amsterdam (Rijks Museum).
Started Sale of "Honest" designed by Mr. Kozo Sato and "Repro" designed by Mr. Toshiyuki Kita.
1997 Started NACOM Web Site.Made a catalogue for "MuSE" (products for museums).
2001 Company Name modified to "Takiya Co., Ltd"
2002 Supply Koreder Line products to MUSEO NACIONAL DEL PRADO
2004 Signed a distribution agreement as a solo agent in Japan with Dutch company,
Van Gogh Museum Enterprises BV (VGME).