Management principles

Core values: Essential and immutable principles of organization
Creating new value and contribute to the realization of an affluent society

Aim: Fundamental raison d'etre
Looking to the future and stable development of the company, continue to bring the reason and graceful for living to the people who support Takiya.

Quality policy

Object and policy evolution, and the motivation for the implementation. (Policy evolution: Enhance the quality and take action)
The most important goal as a company

1.Based on the establishment of common values of sharing excitement, we will become the preceding selected supplier by the customers though the creation of new products and services.
(The most important features necessary to achieve the corporate objective)

2.Insight into the change and market trends, innovate of all the functions overlap, use the total resources, constantly create new value.
(The most important requirements for success, works best to achieve the corporate objectives)

3.Based on fresh and vigorous free spirit, to enhance self-innovation and to create an active group of people.
(Desire to progress: Cause changes to improve by ourselves)

Environmental policy

1.Accurately understand the environmental impact of business activities, strive to prevent environmental pollution and reduce environmental impact.

2.Comply with laws, regulations and other requirements related to business activities.

3.Aim to create environmentally friendly products though business activities.

4.Though business activities, actively involve in appropriate treatment and recycling of waste materials and use environmentally friendly sub work to reduce environmental impact.

5.Aim to business efficiency and eliminate waste, and the efficient use of resources though business activities.

6.Improve understanding of environmental policy and environmental awareness of all employees, and release the environmental policy on the website to the public. Following this environmental policy, set the specific environmental objectives, reviewing the environmental management system, effort continuing to improve environmental protection activities.