Q1. Please teach about the meaning of the icon in the product page.
A. Please find the following explanations
  •  Rails for ceilings
  •  Rails for walls using bolts
  •  Add on hooks
  •  Rails for walls
  •  Rails using brackets
  •  Hooks from the ceiling
  •  Rails from the ceiling with bolts
  •  Built in hooks
  •  Hooks from the walls
Q2. About our agents
A. lease contact us about our agent abroad.
Q3. Can I purchase only hangers?
A. In princeple, Takiya doesn’t sell hangers only.
Q4. Can I order the length of the wire of hanger set?

Takiya received the order of any length of the wire.

Q5. Can more than two hangers use to one wire?
A. It is possible to put more than two hangers within the safety load.
Q6.  Is there stainless steel picture rail?
A. No, there is no picture rail of stainless steel.
Q7. Is the screws attached to the rails?
A. Takiya does not supply the screws, since the actual situation is not known. Please prepare the screws suitable to the ground yourself.
Q8.  Is it possible to order the rails with the designated length?
A. Yes, we will cut the rails with the designated length with cutting cost.
Q9. Can the rails bend?
A. Please consult with Takiya since the bend capacity differs per rail type.
Q10. Are the hooks painted?
A. Hooks are not painted, though the rail stops are painted.