How to order



If you have any questions about the products in this site,please contact us by phone. Please place an order after checking the price list attached. Please specify the item, item number, size, and quantity. You can also place an order through our website.

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Our experienced staff will visit you immediately whenever you need more specific details on our products, some modifications, or need to ask for a customized product. We create a plan by talking with you in-depth in order to provide a product that responds to your needs.


According to the product plan, our specialists will make a specific design. On the basis of our study and past results, we suggest safe and functional products to meet your needs.

Manufacturing / Inspection

According to this plan, we manufacture products that we're designed with your needs in mind. We stringently inspect our products with a focus on load bearling capacity and that it operates properly.

Delivery / Set-up

When we deliver products, we explain to you how to handle them. Also if set-up is needed, we do it. We will continue to give good service after delivery.