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We Offer a New Way of Looking at Interior Spaces. Beauty refreshes the senses and enriches our
minds. Being close to art enhances our own creativity, sensitivity and mental alertness. People who
recognize and value beauty appreciate it in everyday life as well as in the great art found in
museums and galleries. For these people, we offer a new tool for enhancing the beauty of their

The Koreder Line Picture Hanging System is inconspicuous, yet it plays a vital role in dramatically
highlighting works of art, allowing them to be appreciated more deeply and fully.

The KOREDER LINE is Hightly Acclaimed,
Indispensable and Reliable.

The Koreder Line is a set of devices for hanging a variety of wall-hung exhibits, including paintings and
photographs. Using our own unique technology, in combination with the advice we received from
experts in design and construction over many years, we have built a highly reliable system for
displaying works of art. This line has been favorably received by customers in a variety of settings and
has thoroughly won their confidence.

・Designed for safety, of the art and the public
・Ability to be used with light or heavy exhibits and art objects
・Inconspicuous, the simple design highlights the art, not the hanger
・Durable, the strong and solid construction means continued use for many years to come
・Versatile, many types of products to meet your exhibition needs
・Uncomplicated installation and use

Receved the Good Design Award

In 2000, the Koreder Line Picture Hanging System received the Good Design award from the head of the Small and Medium Companies' Association
* The Koreder Line Picture Rail is an original product from Takiya.