Setting up the safety load according to the examination

The Picture Hanging System, “Koreder Line” can strongly hold valuable art works for various exhibits. The picture rail, hook and hanger set (a combination of a hanger and a wire), which are main products of this system, each has been designed with a safety load standard.

The material strength of the safety load mechanism of this product is tested by subjecting it to an extensive tension test. It has a maximum capacity to prevent valuable art works from breakage or any unforeseen events, such as accidents at work, disaster caused by an earthquake and so on.

You can make an elegant and safety exhibit if you observe the right safety load standard and follow our instructions for the exhibition, •The Safety Load is safety under quiescent condition.

Setting of Safety Load for Hooks and Hangers

The load capacity of the hooks and hangers is set to 1/3 of the maximum load capacity, which was confirmed during testing to ensure its safety. (The setting changes depending on the materials.)

Please see the method of handling KOREDER LINE.

Hook handling instructions

Hanger handling instructions

Wire handling instructions

Setting of the safety load of picture rail

Safety Load Setting for Picture Rails To figure out the strength of the picture rail, the geometrical movement of inertia and section modulus are calculated from the rail section. Then the values of the reflection calculation and bending stress are calculated by using the computations shown below. The capacity load of picture rail is set to 1/2 of the maximum aluminum material stress during test.

Picture rail handling instructions

Safety support against earthquakes and sudden unexpected events

No one can predict any sudden unexpected events. In recent years, we have experienced the Great Hanshin Earthquake in Japan and we were able to get several data to cause damages under the cooperation of the museums in the area. There was wire breakage accident in the museums at high-rise building, due to rolling. Though the hook and hanger loss by heavy pitching is confirmed at the museums near the epicenter, there was no wire breakage at all. Though this disaster, we found the main reasons of damages. In order to prevent these and to keep the valuable art works, we recommend a combination of using art safety support items.

To protect the frames from falling off

Hanger with safety stopper to prevent the unexpected falling off or robbery

To protect the wire from dropping out

Stopper SL-4 and SL-5, easy to attach to the free hook and runner.

Anti-roll bracket

Anti-roll brackets are developed to protect the paintings from the earthquakes, to attach the bottom of the frames to prevent vibration. There also effective as anti-theft.

For safety, please do not use the knockoff products.

There are some accidents using the knockoff products of Takiya. We enhance our Koreder Line system safety to be used for exhibition with confidence, by combining each part of the safety standards established by the company. When you use, please check that the products are Takiya original.

Contact about safety matters

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